Timeline of my life lately…YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

I’ve been waiting for a moment to breathe so I could update everyone on my life. Holy goodness gracious, God is good, and a lot has happened since my last update! Good thing I love to talk, so here I go, here I go, here I go.

SOOO, I moved back to Springfield about a week and a half after my mom had her surgery. I moved back on Saturday and started working at OTC as a sub in a 3 year old classroom. I really enjoyed it, especially listening to Pete the Cat on repete (RE”PETE”, get it?) Don’t worry there’s more where that came from! 😉

So one fine day after I had changed about 8,000 diapers (not really, probably 3), I checked my phone on lunch and had a voicemail. Weird, I thought. Well it wasn’t weird-it was awesome!!! The principal from the school that I worked at last year as a sub had a kindergarten position open and wanted to interview me! I was so excited, and absolutely terrified. SO that was on a Thursday. The following Monday I would have my interview.


I nailed it. I got the job the next day!!!!

OK. That last little bit was a little confusing so I’ll explain the timeline a little better…..

Saturday-Move back to Springfield

Monday-Start working

Thursday-Get interview

Friday-Go home to my plastic surgeon (because I still should be going every week).

Saturday-Go shopping with Jorden and get super cute outfit at Loft for interview

Sunday-Go home to Springfield


Tuesday-Get job!!!

Wednesday-Sign paperwork/go see my classroom

Thursday-Monday-Prepare my classroom for kids, (Monday was Labor Day)

Tuesday-Start school with 19 (now 20) of the BEST kids I’ve ever met in my life. This sounds cliche, but I absolutely love them all already. They make me so happy. I want to do everything I can to make their lives AMAZING.

SO it’s been 3 weeks that I’ve had them in class, and holy cow, it’s exhausting, and I need 18 more hours in the week to get things done, but I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I’m stressed, but who wouldn’t be starting the school year 2 weeks late, but it is so worth it.

It absolutely blows my mind daily how lucky I am to have this opportunity, and how perfectly this all worked out.

Here’s another timeline, because I like those, and it makes sense probably because I am trying to make a schedule that is permanent for my class, and instead I’m writing my blog. Oh well. ❤

Timeline of my life starting last springish time…

January-Sub at Wilder for the first time

Sometime between January and February I started subbing at Wilder a lot, and really liked it. ALSO GET ENGAGED…..

March-Start to find doctor to figure out about my gluten problem

April/early May-Do blood work to figure out about Gluten & BOOBS

June 6th-Find out I’m BRCA2 positive.

June (a few days later)-Go to genetic counselor-confirm that I can and will be having a prophylactic mastectomy

July 9th-Have mastectomy

For the next 4 weeks watch Will & Grace, or Reba all day. Eat all the Chunky Monkey because that’s Gluten FREE!!!!

August 6th-Mom has her surgery.

Sometime a week or so after that… Move back to Springfield.

August 29th-First official day at my real job

September 3, 2013-First day with kids as a kindergarten teacher


I said, over and over and over, God has a plan. And boy does He. I am so thankful for the chance to literally have my dream job.

I of course have over-shared my story with all the other teachers as I always do, and give far too much information about myself to people who don’t know me that well. But it helps me. When I feel guilty about something or am feeling insecure, I just like to get it out in the open, get it over with. It’s part of what makes me, me and makes me unique. It’s as if I just say here, here’s everything, I hope you like me, because if you do now, you always will. I’m very simple, ya get what ya get and ya don’t through a fit.

I don’t think that’s a totally appropriate place for that saying, BUT I say it so much, it seemed appropriate. DEAL WITH IT.  

So ya, I haven’t written because I’ve been working.

The hardest part in going through my surgery was feeling sad that I wouldn’t be starting my career. I’m serious; I really truly am a teacher dork. I love doing things related to school, and planning lessons and doing cool stuff for my kids. It makes me so happy.

If you’re wondering about how I’m feeling health wise after all this, which obviously you are duh!!! 😉 I am doing remarkably well. I still need to go to my doctor before my implant surgery, so I might have to miss a day or two for an appointment. I’m waiting though because it makes me sad to think of leaving them, also it makes me scared to leave sub plans. But I’m doing well. My armpits hurt and are chafing, why? I have no idea… I sleep with an ice pack a few nights a week on my shoulder because it hurts. And one day my under boob hurt so I put an ice pack there….It helped. So all in all I’m not too shabby, feeling like a rock star, making all that money. When I say all that money, it’s sarcasm, because I only get paid once a month, at the end of the month, so I have not made any money yet. But only 11 more days. 😉

Also side bar, if anyone is wondering about my wedding, I guess I could talk about that here too. Jeff and I are still getting married on November 30th, but we are getting married at my home church. I have done about 10% of the planning that should be done by now. I have my dress that will fit once I have perfect boobs, my bridesmaids are going to pick up their dresses soon, and we all have shoes. Also I have Jeff’s ring to pick up at Helzberg and most importantly I have a loving groom who will wait for me at the end of any isle I decide to stick him in. SO really I’m so not worried about it. Our mom’s on the other hand, are a little more, worried.

Hey I listen to Pete the Cat enough to know, no matter what you step in you just keep walking along and singing your song, BECAUSE IT’S ALL GOOD. 😉

Love always,

Allie Boo aka Miss Fletcher aka FLETCHER (please scream that when you say it) AKA teacher 

3 thoughts on “Timeline of my life lately…YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

  1. Saundra Dover says:

    Allie darlin thanks for the update! What a remarkable story……..you are blessed and sooo loved!!!!! Congratulations, but in real life, they just hired the best Kindergarten teacher possible! Love and Hugs, keep the updates coming and God’s Blessing on your class, your strength, and of course your Wedding. Mrs. Dover

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