No Pain No Gain but Thank God No Drain

Finally, I got my last set of drains out!!! Thank God!

I got another injection of saline. Which I talked about in my last post but I figured I’d go into a little more detail about this whole process……

Here’s the situation:

I had my first surgery which was a bilateral mastectomy. They removed my nipples and took two lymph nodes from my right side,  and one lymph node from my left. This was to double check that had any of the lumps in my breast been cancerous it had not spread to the lymph nodes.

THANK GOD the pathology reports came back last Tuesday and I don’t/didn’t have cancer.

So after the surgery I had two drains on each side. One set looped up around the the underside of the breast and the other went up towards my armpit. The drains were then stitched into my underarm/breast area.

The drains had to be emptied every day and measure the amount of liquid that was coming out. It was disgusting. It wasn’t necessarily painful but extremely annoying. You constantly had to pin them up or tie something around your neck to hold them up. Thankfully a wonderful friend of Abby’s family made us a tool belt type contraption to wear and hold the drains! It was absolutely a life saver. After a week I got to get one set of drains out on each side. It was wonderful but then I still had to live another week with the other set. Let me tell you they were extremely sensitive by the sixteenth day! Pretty much you could look at them and it would feel like they were pulling out.

Praise the Lord, they’re finally out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first set of drains he removed them I couldn’t feel  at all. Today it was a bit more painful and now afterward they’re pretty sore. Kind of like someone sucker punched me.

They’re getting better though, I think it was because they had been so sensitive prior to their removal. But I’m very relieved. I no longer have worry about them yanking out when I’m getting dressed or showering. It’s just delightful!!!

So after I got the drains removed the plastic surgeon injected saline into a port in my breast. (Just a little info: he uses a magnet to find the port because it’s metal and I have to carry around a card that says I have the implant in case I go through a metal detector…..weird)  I started out with a deflated implant and they add saline to stretch my muscles. I will continue to go back each week until I am at the size that I want to be. 🙂 (Just a friendly reminder that’s a C!)

After I’m to the point I want to be I have to wait about 1 month and I will have another surgery where he will insert the actual implant.

After I’m healed from that I will have a 3rd and final surgery to get nipples and they will make my breasts look more natural.

So it’s just a super long process.

But overall I’m doing really well!!

Wednesday I went with Abby, her sister Taylor, my mom and Abby’s mom to get our nails done! It was a blast and such a wonderful relief to get out of the house and feel like a girl! Also because Abby and I are so awesome we walked to Schnucks by ourselves. We’re pretty freaking badass!

I wrote everything above on Thursday. Then I got too tired to edit it so now I’m updating again on Saturday!!!

So yesterday (Friday) was rough. I was pretty sore from the injections but eventually I walked around the little pond out back and I felt so much better.

This morning when I woke up I was kind of sore,  but decided to walk bright and early and ended up walking 3 laps. After that I stretched and I feel absolutely wonderful. I stretched my arms and chest muscles. I think stretching naturally really helped me. It changed the way the saline was sitting in the implant, which in turn changed the way the implant kind of looked. I think it looks good.

On an extremely exciting note, I got my wedding shoes today! Look at me actually doing something productive for the wedding! 🙂

Not being around Jeff is starting to be the hardest part of this. Harder than shaving my arm pits! But I’ll be with him next weekend and in 4 months and 2 days I get to walk down the  aisle.

I really am trying hard to stay positive throughout all of this. I’m doing a good job so far. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for me.

Each day I realize this experience could be far worse. I am truly blessed each and everyday to have such a solid support system in my life.

Thanks for all the loving support.

Love always,

Allie Boo

One thought on “No Pain No Gain but Thank God No Drain

  1. Becky Tackett says:

    Allie, You are an amazing young woman! I am so inspired by you and your mom. Your positive attitude and outlook are awe inspiring. I feel so fortunate to have met you – please keep posting so I can share your journey with others. You are touching more people than you know!

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