A picture says 1,000 words but so do I… :)


I talked about Abby before but here is a picture of us getting ready to leave the hospital!!!!


Here’s me leaving with big teddy! 🙂 my bear I’ve had since I was 5!!! 🙂


My sweet puppies taking care of me!!!


This amazing quilt was made in less than a month. As soon as I found out what was going on I told my mom I wanted a tshirt quilt! Our dear friend Connie was able to quilt this king size quilt in that time and have it ready for me yesterday! It is all of my breast cancer awareness tshirts as well as different friends and family tshirts too!!! It’s the best comfort blanket! 🙂






Happy one year anniversary to my rock, my biggest supporter, my amazing fiancé, and best friend Jeffrey! I could not have been so positive without his amazing support! I’m so in love and so lucky to have him by my side. The pictures above are from today! I wanted to remind him how lucky he is to have such a pretty fiancée even if she’s got some janky boobies right now! 😉

Things are going great today! I feel awesome looking feminine again and I’m snuggled up with my wonderful quilt! I’m going to go out of the house for the first time to go on a hot date! 😉 5 days after surgery and I’m leaving the house! Finally!!!! Yippppy!!!

Love you all!!!

Allie Boo

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