Day 4

Sup party people! It’s day 4 after my surgery. I’m eating normal and everything is great! The pain isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I like to tease Jeff that I had him more drugged up with his wisdom teeth than I am, and I cut off a pretty good part of my body. :)) I’m a boss. I can get up and walk around on my own, just a little wobbly at times, and thankfully I can take my second shower again today.

Let me thank my dear friend Shirlee for the shower chair cuz before we were using a cooler with a towel over it for my shower chair! Talk about redneck healin’!!! (Actually if worked pretty well).

Also, lets talk about the other ways I’ve been a badass. I woke up and got out of bed comfortably without waking my sweet Jeff up! Poor guy probably has had less sleep than me! I put on a shirt that goes over my head cuz I’m awesome!

Also, my incisions look wonderful, kind of like some alien eyes! Boobs don’t look as awkward without nipples as I thought they would! If you’re worried about that,don’t be!! I actually love them already, and I’m leaning toward Mario and Luigi for their names.

Jeff has been a huge blessing for me throughout this whole process, and I’m really sad he has to leave tomorrow. I think that will by far be the hardest part of this experience. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

My parents are obviously wonderful too. They are by my side every step of the way and always make me feel better if I’m down. Changing my drains is a team effort that involves mom, dad, Jeff and Xanax! Lol! FYI: blood is gross.

The hardest part for me was realizing how little feeling I had. As I went to take off the bandages, my mom was applying lotion to help the adhesive come off more easily. I couldn’t feel it. It was the first time I realized I couldn’t feel there; that something had really changed. Luckily that sadness didn’t last long, because once I got the bandages off I drew them to look like a smiley face! Always gotta turn that frown upside down.

I can honestly say I’m happy! 🙂 I am surrounded by wonderful people who have been providing some wonderful food and support for me and Mario and Luigi!

God has answered all my prayers throughout this process and I’m calm and ready to move forward. Please pray that I can impact more people’s lives with my story!!!! Please share this with someone in despair! It gets better, God has a plan! I’m proof of that. 🙂


Allie Boo, Mario, and Luigi

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